Your go-to app for mom-approved content: Books, TV Shows, Movies, Games, Breakfast, all for kids aged 2 to 9!

There is so much content about books, movies, tv shows, food etc available on the internet specially blogs and social media. Finding or keeping track of all that data is difficult. Searching on social media comes with it's own challenges.

You can bookmark, follow and take screenshots of content you might think is helpful, but finding it when you need it is a task.

The idea of easily available content for parents was born in 2016. But there were websites/instagram handles which were doing a fantastic job for that time. But time has changed. No one has time to read long form content.

We have curated lists of information easily available at a click of a button. This app is our first step to make life easy for you. Hope you enjoy it. Would love to hear from you, good or bad. Do write to us at

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